Wyoming Firsts: A Children's Book by First Lady of Wyoming, Carol Mead

 As part of her children’s issues initiative, First Lady Carol Mead has written a children’s book. Illustrated by high school art students from around Wyoming, the book is a whimsical trip through some of Wyoming’s most memorable historical “firsts.” Thanks to generous corporate sponsors and a partnership with Wyoming Reads, Mrs. Mead has distributed the book to nearly 20,000 Wyoming first graders.

Wyoming Firsts is available for purchase at the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne or at http://wyospcr-state-wy-us.3dcartstores.com/Wyoming-State-Museum_c_12.html. 

Wyoming Firsts
: A children's book by First Lady of Wyoming, Carol Mead

First Lady Mead poses with some of the sponsors and illustrators of her children’s book at a press conference in Cheyenne announcing her book.