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Governor Matt Mead Supports Merging State Agencies to Improve Services

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Governor Matt Mead Supports Merging State Agencies to Improve Services

CHEYENNE, Wyo: Governor Matt Mead announced on Jan. 5, 2011 that, as one step in realizing his commitment to improving Wyoming jobs and the economy, he supports combining two state agencies that deal with jobs. The move will improve efficiency in a crucial area for the state’s citizens – employment. Mead tapped Joan Evans to head both the Department of Workforce Services and the Department of Employment. She has been reappointed as Director of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services and will also be Interim Director of the Wyoming Department of Employment.

“A top priority of mine is to help create a great jobs climate in Wyoming, and combining the work of two agencies that address employment makes sense both for better serving the citizens and as a step toward streamlining state government,” said Governor Mead.

The Governor said that combining the agencies would reduce confusion regarding the roles of each agency, particularly in the areas of unemployment and re-employment. The move will streamline state government and improve efficiency, particularly for unemployed individuals who now have to navigate between two agencies for services. Job seekers will be able to connect more easily with employers and re-employment initiatives will gain strength to benefit those Wyoming citizens who are unemployed. The process to merge the agencies must come from the Wyoming Legislature, and Governor Mead expressed his support for work by legislators to combine the agencies.

Evans has directed the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) since 2007. She said, “This dual role will allow for a renewed focus on jobs and the economy, a commitment to efficiency in Wyoming State Government and a collaborative employment effort that will benefit our citizens.” She added that during her time as DWS Director she has had a “strong philosophy of putting customer service first” and “worked to build partnerships by collaborating with the private sector, economic development and education, while reducing agency expenditures and maintaining the delivery of critical programs.”


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