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Governor: EPA Proposal Poses Grave Implications for Coal and Economic Stability

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State Capitol
Cheyenne, WY 82002
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September 20, 2013


Renny MacKay
Communications Director

Governor: EPA Proposal Poses Grave Implications for Coal and Economic Stability

CHEYENNE, Wyo. –  Governor Matt Mead issued the following statement about the EPA’s proposed rule for Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants.

“Like the last iteration, this latest EPA proposal would be damaging to Wyoming, the nation’s top coal supplier. The standards for coal-fired power generation in the proposed rule are unachievable and will arrest research, development and commercialization of clean technologies. This poses grave implications for the continuing viability of coal as an energy source and for the economic stability of Wyoming and the nation.

“Coal provides about 40% of America’s electricity and it is abundant and affordable. The industry is striving to reduce emissions. Year after year there have been reductions of every form of emission. Recently built coal plants use the best available technologies. We can do more, but the heavy burden of this proposed rule on new plants and the EPA’s planned further regulation of existing sources will have far-reaching consequences. Citizens who need low cost electricity, individuals who need jobs, our country which needs energy security, our coal industry which needs to be able to operate successfully, our schools and our communities which depend on a viable coal industry – all will be impacted by EPA’s proposed rule.”