Governor closes Cheyenne State government offices

March 13, 2019

CHEYENNE - Governor Mark Gordon closed Cheyenne State government offices at 3 a.m. this morning. Other state offices may close across the state depending on local weather conditions due to the severe nature of this wide-ranging storm.

The Governor monitored the progress of this storm throughout the night with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and the Wyoming Highway Patrol. He praised the responsiveness and preparedness of the agencies and their ability to get ahead of this rapidly developing and serious winter storm.

"We have closed roads and offices to protect the people of Wyoming and those travelling through the state. We have been proactively closing roads ahead of the storm. Additionally, offices throughout the state especially those in the eastern and southern parts of the state are being closed as necessary.”

“This storm has the potential to be particularly dangerous. My advice is to stay put and shelter in place.”

"Stay home, stay off the roads, and stay safe and warm," Governor Gordon said.