Governor Gordon thanks Chief of Staff for service ahead of her retirement

May 7, 2019

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Governor Mark Gordon’s chief of staff, Dr. Pat Arp, announced her retirement today. Her final day on the job is not set, but she will parallel her husband’s plans. Last month her husband, Judge Randal Arp, announced he was retiring in July.

“Pat has put in an impressive career as a public servant. Today, she is helping to chart a sound course for the entire state with a wealth of experience from teaching, to social work, to organizational leadership. I thank her for dedication to Wyoming and for all of her wise counsel as my deputy in the Treasurer’s Office and in getting this office off the ground,” said Gov. Gordon. “Jennie and I wish Pat and her husband well in retirement. They earned the opportunity to finally step away and reflect back on a job well done.”

Dr. Arp was co-chair of the governor’s transition team and previously was Deputy in the State Treasurer’s Office. Dr. Arp was also the Deputy Secretary of State for 20 years; having served terms with former Secretaries of State Max Maxfield, Joseph B. Meyer and Diana J. Ohman. From 1991 through 1994, Dr. Arp was the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction at the Wyoming Department of Education. She previously worked as a high school biology, chemistry and physics teacher and a child protection social worker and a juvenile probation officer in northeast Wyoming. She was also the Northeast administrator for the Department of Family Services. She has a doctorate degree from the University of Wyoming’s Department of Education.

“It has been a pleasure to have a diversity of experiences during my career and none can rival helping Gov. Gordon launch his administration. That said my husband and I have worked hard in our respective professions and now we want to enjoy our retirement together,” said Dr. Pat Arp.