Bills signed into law by Governor Gordon from the 2020 Legislative Session

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon has signed the following bills into law. The full text of all bills from the 2020 session may be found on the Wyoming Legislature's website:

HB0010 HEA0001 Human trafficking-penalty for subsequent conviction.

HB0009 HEA0002 Abstracts of court records.

HB0011 HEA0003 Qualified residential treatment programs.

HB0007 HEA0004 Commercial learner's permits.

HB0039 HEA0005 Remote education within a school district.

HB0160 HEA0006 Background checks-state treasurer's office.

HB0134 HEA0007 Wyoming tourism account funding.

HB0005 HEA0008 Driver's licenses and IDs.

HB0006 HEA0009 Commercial operators-registration and authority to operate.

HB0036 HEA0010 Pesticide registration fee.

HB0120 HEA0011 CHIP-state administration.

HB0136 HEA0012 Unclaimed property funds-investments.

HB0008 HEA0013 Digital expression protection.

HB0014 HEA0014 Drilling units-risk penalties and mandatory royalties.

HB0023 HEA0015 School district procurement amendment.

HB0053 HEA0016 Education accounts-investment earnings.

HB0172 HEA0017 Air ambulance-Medicaid coverage amendments.

HB0181 HEA0018 Attorney general authority in bankruptcy actions.

HB0190 HEA0019 School district reporting-certification elimination.

HB0195 HEA0020 Motorboats-gasoline tax distribution.

HB0062 HEA0021 Senior health care special districts.

HB0194 HEA0022 Wyoming department of agriculture fees.

HJ0003 HEJR0001 Supporting federal missing and murdered persons efforts.

HB0003 HEA0023 Wyoming energy authority-amendments.

HB0004 HEA0024 Wyoming coal marketing program.

HB0103 HEA0026 Chancery court amendments.

HB0045 HEA0027 Special purpose depository institutions-amendments.

HB0042 HEA0028 Good time allowances for jail time.

HB0051 HEA0029 Professional services procurement-amendments.

HB0050 HEA0030 Government procurement-amendments.

HB0052 HEA0031 Public works and contracts.

HB0073 HEA0032 Nicotine products-taxation.

HB0020 HEA0033 Municipal bonds-digital securities.

HB0032 HEA0034 Resident tuition for military members and family.

HB0034 HEA0035 Motor vehicle franchises-telephone requirements.

HB0057 HEA0036 Underground facilities notification-exemption.

HB0065 HEA0037 Jury procedure amendments.

HB0069 HEA0038 Wildlife conservation efforts-1.

HB0094 HEA0039 Budget modifications-executive.

HB0193 HEA0040 Court automation fees.

HB0178 HEA0041 Transportation of nonresident students.

HB0085 HEA0042 Prescription tracking program rules.

HB0084 HEA0043 Food freedom amendments.

HB0021 HEA0044 Insurance investments-digital assets.

HB0113 HEA0045 Importation of prescription drugs-study.

HB0026 HEA0063 Tribal ID for voting.

HB0019 HEA0047 Municipal right-of-way franchise fees.

HB0176 HEA0048 Game and fish-data protection.

HB0025 HEA0049 County reserve accounts.

HB0076 HEA0051 Veterans property tax exemption-access.

HB0088 HEA0052 Livestock board investigators.

HB0235 HEA0056 Life insurance benefits-payments and interest.

HB0016 HEA0058 Consolidation of theft crimes.

HB0074 HEA0060 Small modular nuclear reactor permitting.

HB0164 HEA0061 Investment of public funds.

HB0099 HEA0067 Animal reimbursement program-amendments.

HB0187 HEA0069 Game and fish-selling agents.

HB0047 HEA0070 Local sales and use taxes.

HB0056 HEA0072 Good neighbor authority revolving account.

HB0027 HEA0073 Select committee on blockchain, technology and innovation.

HB0012 HEA0074 Motor vehicle violations-penalties.

HB0126 HEA0075 Emergency call location information.

HB0151 HEA0076 Economic development large project loans-amendments.

HB0127 HEA0077 Prohibition of female genital mutilation.

HB0212 HEA0084 Select committee on tribal relations.

HB0092 HEA0065 Pioneer archery licenses.

HB0102 HEA0082 Wyoming combat sports commission.

HB0165 HEA0085 School nursing-state school nurse.

HB0109 HEA0089 Electronic monitoring in long-term care facilities.

HB0171 HEA0095 Wyoming gaming commission.

HB0013 HEA0086 Sage grouse mitigation credits.

HB0097 HEA0093 Omnibus water bill - construction.

HB0002 HEA0094 General government reports.

HB0155 HEA0091 Animal shares.

HB0068 HEA0050 Sex offender-prohibited access to school facilities.

HB0132 HEA0053 Unpaid wage claim amendments.

HB0235 HEA0056 Life insurance benefits-payments and interest.

HB0031 HEA0062 Criminal justice-mental health-substance use programming.

HB0082 HEA0064 Contract brewing.

HB0096 HEA0066 Dr. Leonard L. Robinson memorial bridge.

HB0129 HEA0068 Reclamation of surface coal mines-turbine blades.

HB0142 HEA0071 Agriculture marketing funds-processing plants.

HB0159 HEA0078 Monthly payment of ad valorem tax on mineral production.

HB0200 HEA0079 Reliable and dispatchable low-carbon energy standards.

HB0158 HEA0080 Microbreweries.

HB0230 HEA0081 Pari-mutuel events-rodeo.

HB0044 HEA0087 Mountain daylight time preservation.

HB0231 HEA0088 Coal severance tax exemption-Canadian and Mexican ports.

HB0038 HEA0092 Weed and pest amendments.

HB0243 HEA0097 Oil and gas tax-new production.

HB0137 HEA0054 Worker's compensation-legislators.

SF0003 SEA0001 Military department authority to accept donations.

SF0011 SEA0002 Consumer protection act amendments.

SF0004 SEA0003 Wildlife conservation account.

SF0014 SEA0004 Probation and parole sanctions-amendments.

SF0008 SEA0005 Missing and murdered indigenous persons-agency cooperation

SF0016 SEA0006 School district procurement.

SF0019 SEA0007 Ad valorem-confidentiality exception.

SF0023 SEA0008 Insurance code updates.

SF0024 SEA0009 State employees' and officials' group insurance.

SF0038 SEA0010 Health insurance costs-bundled payment study.

SF0041 SEA0011 Animal damage management funding.

SF0045 SEA0012 Underground disposal wells-regulation.

SF0018 SEA0013 Wildlife conservation efforts-2.

SF0044 SEA0014 Mining permit applications-objections.

SF0013 SEA0015 Public defender-indigency standards.

SF0082 SEA0016 Public records-amendments.

SF0083 SEA0017 Budget and financial data reporting.

SF0060 SEA0018 Wyoming pollution discharge elimination system fees.

SF0077 SEA0019 Prescription tracking program.

SF0048 SEA0020 Solid waste cease and transfer program funding.

SF0046 SEA0021 Wyoming Money Transmitters Act-exemption.

SF0017 SEA0022 Hathaway need-based scholarships-graduate school.

SF0021 SEA0023 Coal fired electric generation facilities.

SF0057 SEA0024 Local government distributions.

SF0007 SEA0025 School buildings and facilities-lease reimbursements.

SF0027 SEA0026 Discovered property-probate procedures.

SF0039 SEA0027 Statements of consideration.

SF0062 SEA0028 Appraisal management companies-amendments.

SF0069 SEA0029 Rural health care district authority.

SF0091 SEA0030 Global signature authority for health care providers.

SF0022 SEA0031 Surface water diversion.

SF0112 SEA0032 2020 large project funding.

SF0122 SEA0033 Public utilities-liability exemption.

SF0081 SEA0034 Livestock brand administration.

SF0020 SEA0036 Election code revisions.

SF0056 SEA0037 Absentee polling places.

SF0064 SEA0038 Trust companies-statutory amendments.

SF0047 SEA0039 Digital assets-statutory amendments.

SF0036 SEA0045 Large scale solar and wind energy facilities.

SF0093 SEA0046 Wyoming works-application period.

SF0116 SEA0047 Off-road recreational vehicle-definition.

SF0050 SEA0053 Nicotine products-lawful age and penalties

SF0042 SEA0054 Nicotine products–age verification and shipping.

SF0072 SEA0055 Revisor's bill.

SF0085 SEA0057 Uranium taxation rates.

SF0120 SEA0041 Office of guardian ad litem-2.

SF0126 SEA0051 Game and fish law enforcement definition amendments.

SF0114 SEA0058 State budget division-reorganization.

SF0043 SEA0063 Sales and use tax-definitions update.

SF0106 SEA0066 Lifetime game and fish licenses.

SF0105 SEA0042 Concealed weapons permit renewal-military duty.

SF0076 SEA0044 Governmental agency parking.

SF0093 SEA0046 Wyoming works-application period.

SF0123 SEA0048 Long-term care insurance.

SF0089 SEA0049 Worker's compensation credit.

SF0071 SEA0050 Life insurance premiums.

SF0087 SEA0059 Audiology and speech-language pathology compact.

SF0139 SEA0060 Tax lien enforcement-2.

SF0040 SEA0062 Certification of cases to state board of equalization.

SF0065 SEA0064 Wild Bison Licenses

SF0055 SEA0065 Hemp production-fees.

SF0061 SEA0067 Omnibus water bill - planning.

SJ0001 SJR0001 Firearm and hunter education.

The Governor allowed the following bills to go into law without his signature. Click on the bill for the Governor's letter:

HB0161 HEA0025 Reserve accounts-investments.

HB0174 HEA0059 Kindergarten start date.

HB0162 HEA0083 State trust lands-proposals and study.

HB0040 HEA0096 School finance - model recalibration.

SF0117 SEA0056 First responder workplace mental injury coverage.

SF0134 SEA0061 Special event liquor licenses.

The Governor vetoed the following bills. Click on the bill for the Governor's letter:

HB0119 HEA0046 Medicaid billing for school-based services.

SF0097 SEA0052 Born alive infant-means of care.

SF0140 SEA0068 Banking division-classification and salary exemptions.

SF0138 SEA0069 Investment of state funds-2.