Bills signed into law by Governor Gordon from the 2021 Legislative Session

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon has signed the following bills into law. The full text of all bills from the 2021 session may be found on the Wyoming Legislature's website:

HB0003 HEA0001 Certified addictions practitioners-certification amendments

HB0006 HEA0002 Trust company amendments

HB0034 HEA0003 Youthful offender program-amendments

HB0042 HEA0004 Chancery court vacancy amendments

HB0048 HEA0005 Community juvenile services block grant program

HB0008 HEA0006 Consumer credit amendments

HB0018 HEA0007 Military training memorials

HB0025 HEA0008 Tribal vehicle registration exemption implementation

HB0035 HEA0009 Theft statute-amendment

HB0045 HEA0010 Changes to water right - notice requirements for hearing

HB0066 HEA0011 2021 large project funding.

HB0053 HEA0012 Invasive plant species

HB0030 HEA0013 Public utility assessment

HB0044 HEA0014 Omnibus water bill - construction

HB0009 HEA0015 Short time compensation program

HB0027 HEA0016 Business code revisions

HB0013 HEA0017 Alcoholic beverage regulation

HB0015 HEA0018 Department of transportation communication facilities

HB0004 HEA0019 Mental health professions practice act-amendments

HB0020 HEA0020 Driver's license requirements-visual acuity

HB0029 HEA0021 Burials for indigent persons

HB0033 HEA0022 Interference with public contracting

HB0046 HEA0023 Crime of bestiality

HB0069 HEA0024 Division of banking-fees

HB0086 HEA0025 Off-road recreational vehicles registration authorized

HB0087 HEA0026 Provider recruitment grant program

HB0111 HEA0027 Access to anatomical gifts and organ transplants

HB0118 HEA0028 Food freedom act amendments

HB0120 HEA0029 Hathaway Scholarships-success curriculum in middle school

HB0054 HEA0030 Wyoming meat packing initiative.

HB0058 HEA0031 State parks account-expenditure authority.

HB0014 HEA0034 Rights of way along public ways-amendments.

HB0021 HEA0035 Wyoming National Guard-preference for education.

HB0076 HEA0037 Uniform statewide payment processing.

HB0109 HEA0038 Local health officers-education requirements.

HB0148 HEA0039 Fees paid to secretary of state-amendments.

HB0064 HEA0040 Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act-extinguishing claims.

HB0079 HEA0041 Subdivisions.

HB0104 HEA0042 Uniform Trust Code-amendments.

HB0217 HEA0044 Community health center and rural health clinic grants.

HB0091 HEA0032 Removal of unenforceable property covenants

HB0057 HEA0033 Advance enrollment

HB0107 HEA0043 Retirement system-efficient disbursement method

HB0122 HEA0046 Hunting and fishing access-reliable funding

HB0052 HEA0047 Wyoming school protein enhancement project

HB0039 HEA0036 Optometrist practice act amendments.

HB0115 HEA0048 Big or trophy game animal-minimum hunting age.

HB0144 HEA0049 Electric vehicle fee updates.

HB0133 HEA0050 Online sports wagering.

HB0112 HEA0051 Pioneer trapper license.

HB0101 HEA0052 Elk feedground closings-requirements.

HB0085 HEA0053 Unlawful dissemination of an intimate image.

HB0068 HEA0054 Wyoming Statutory Foundation Act-amendments.

HB0010 HEA0055 COVID-19 large business relief program.

HB0038 HEA0056 Community behavioral health-priority populations.

HB0073 HEA0057 Birth certificates-gestational agreements.

HB0095 HEA0058 Game road kill.

HB0102 HEA0059 Wyoming Preference Act of 1971-amendments.

HB0041 HEA0060 Intrastate crowdfunding exemption-amendments.

HB0043 HEA0061 Digital assets-amendments.

HB0179 HEA0062 Optional municipal tax-election.

HB0195 HEA0063 Wyoming medical review panel-repeal.

HB0197 HEA0064 Connect Wyoming program-federal funding.

HB0198 HEA0065 University water system.

HB0229 HEA0066 Livestock identification choice act.

HB0207 HEA0067 Coal fired generation facility closures-litigation funding.

HB0017 HEA0068 Range management at military training areas.

HB0049 HEA0069 Agency fee revisions.

HB0116 HEA0070 Concealed carry-residency requirement-2.

HB0188 HEA0071 Irrigation and water conservancy district loans.

HB0075 HEA0072 Voter identification.

HB0150 HEA0074 State budgeting and expenditure authority.

HB0007 HEA0075 Air ambulance membership organizations-regulation.

HB0156 HEA0076 Alcoholic beverage permits.

HB0190 HEA0077 Vehicle titles for nonresident owners.

HB0239 HEA0078 Worker's compensation-student learner agreements.

HB0187 HEA0079 Elected official residency requirement.

HB0136 HEA0081 Inclusive ballot language.

HB0051 HEA0082 Meat processing programs.

HB0231 HEA0083 College credit retention.

HB0219 HEA0084 Investment funds committee-membership.

HB0244 HEA0085 State investment administration.

HB0022 HEA0086 Wyoming military code.

HB0236 HEA0087 Firearms transactions-financial discrimination.

HB0166 HEA0088 Utilities-presumption against facility retirements.

HB0253 HEA0089 Higher education-ban on funding for abortions.

HB0189 HEA0090 Mine product taxes for natural gas consumed on-site.

HB0159 HEA0091 Liquor manufacturer regulations.

HB0158 HEA0092 Local land use planning and zoning.

HB0254 HEA0094 Transportation computer system.

HB0092 HEA0095 Revisor's bill.

HB0036 HEA0096 Management council membership.

HJ0001 HEJR1 Traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress treatments

HJ0009 HEJR2 Local government investment in equities.

HJ0011 HEJR3 State sovereignty impacted by federal actions.

HJ0013 HEJR 4 Support of Taiwan.

SF0063 SEA0001 PWMTF reserve account-distribution timing

SF0042 SEA0002 Out-of-state state bank charter conversions

SF0041 SEA0003 Tax lien enforcement-amendments

SF0043 SEA0004 Wyoming energy authority amendments

SF0057 SEA0005 School finance-dates for fund transfers

SF0037 SEA0006 Omnibus water bill - planning

SF0014 SEA0007 Credit for reinsurance

SF0032 SEA0008 Water permit notice requirements

SF0060 SEA0009 Monthly ad valorem tax revisions-2

SF0029 SEA0010 Revised uniform law on notarial acts

SF0054 SEA0011 Statewide health information exchange-codification

SF0026 SEA0012 Animal abuse statutes reorganization and update

SF0018 SEA0013 Universal occupational licensure

SF0053 SEA0014 Ground ambulance service provider assessment act

SF0035 SEA0015 State budget department

SF0021 SEA0016 Judicial review of agency actions-permissible venues

SF0023 SEA0017 Public meetings-executive sessions for security plans

SF0119 SEA0018 Investment of state permanent funds

SF0079 SEA0020 Medicaid billing for school-based services.

SF0072 SEA0021 Financial council and reporting-budget reductions.

SF0062 SEA0022 Repealing sunset date for the office of consumer advocate.

SF0040 SEA0023 Wyoming Money Transmitters Act-amendments.

SF0039 SEA0024 Digital identity

SF0106 SEA0027 Transportation statutory amendments-1.

SF0107 SEA0028 Transportation statutory amendments-2.

SF0108 SEA0029 Career and technical education terminology.

SF0110 SEA0030 Small claims procedures.

SF0116 SEA0031 Wyoming business council directors-reduction.

SF0088 SEA0025 Ownership of fossils and artifacts

SF0074 SEA0026 Athletic trainer revisions

SF0124 SEA0032 Defending Wyoming business-trade and commerce amendments

SF0117 SEA0033 Speech and hearing specialist licensing amendments

SF0148 SEA0034 Requirements relating to depositors-amendments.

SF0047 SEA0036 Clinical laboratory regulation.

SF0044 SEA0037 Solid waste cease and transfer program funding.

SF0033 SEA0038 Physician assistants amendments.

SF0013 SEA0039 Abandoned vehicles-towing service liens and titles.

SF0155 SEA0040 Limiting firearm seizure and regulation during emergencies.

SF0120 SEA0041 Investment of state non-permanent funds.

SF0115 SEA0042 Education-pupil teacher contact time.

SF0109 SEA0043 Board of dental examiners-amendments.

SF0056 SEA0044 Wyoming gaming commission-modifications and corrections.

SF0052 SEA0045 Insurance-mental health and substance use parity.

SF0089 SEA0046 Public utility safety lights.

SF0083 SEA0047 Gillette community college district.

SF0102 SEA0048 Unclaimed cooperative utility deposits and payments.

SF0136 SEA0049 Public service commission considerations.

SF0096 SEA0050 Homicide amendments.

SF0078 SEA0051 Real estate appraisers-continuing education.

SF0126 SEA0052 Real estate subdivisions-easement requirements.

SF0139 SEA0053 Community based in-home services program.

SF0111 SEA0055 School of energy resources budget submittal.

SF0066 SEA0056 Slayer rule-amendments.

SF0019 SEA0057 Public health emergencies-immunity amendments.

SF0002 SEA0058 School facilities-project prioritization.

SF0025 SEA0059 Animal impound proceedings - bond and disposition.

SF0058 SEA0060 Wyoming investment in nursing funding.

SF0034 SEA0061 Born alive infant-means of care.

SF0028 SEA0062 Motor vehicles-security interest perfection.

SF0015 SEA0063 Temporary licensing and permitting authority-2.

SF0112 SEA0064 Insurance discount for accident prevention training.

SF0076 SEA0065 Broadband development program-amendments.

SF0068 SEA0066 Absenteeism in public schools.

SF0085 SEA0067 Property tax-reporting and exemption.

SF0157 SEA0068 Property rights-limitation on local authority.

SF0087 SEA0069 Voyeurism Amendments

SF0152 SEA0070 Connection of utility services.

SF0141 SEA0071 Business entities-representation in detainer cases.

SF0038 SEA0073 Decentralized autonomous organizations.

SF0121 SEA0075 State funds - investments and distributions.

SJ0003 SEJR1 Federal suspension and orders on oil and gas production.

The Governor sent the Speaker of the House a letter on the following signed bill:

HB0198 SEA 0065 University Water System

The Governor allowed the following bills to go into law without his signature:

SF0050 SEA0035 COVID-19 business relief programs agriculture.

HB0163 HEA0080 Federal congressional elections-residency.

The Governor vetoed the following bills. Click on the bill for the Governor's letter:

SF0093 SEA0019 WICHE repayment program-veterinary medicine students

SF0114 SEA0054 State land leases.

The Governor exercised his line item veto authority on the following bill. Click on the bill for the Governor's letter.

HB0121 HEA0073 State funded capital construction.