Bills signed into law by Governor Gordon from the 2022 Legislative Session

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon has signed the following bills into law. The full text of all bills from the 2022 session may be found on the Wyoming Legislature's website:

Bill Enrolled Act Bill Title

SF0023 SEA0001 Nursing home administrators.

SF0031 SEA0002 Absenteeism and truancy.

SF0002 SEA0003 Legislative budget.

SF0029 SEA0004 Liability for governmental healthcare providers-amendment.

SF0024 SEA0005 Pharmacist and pharmacy technician practice.

SF0039 SEA0006 Firemen's pension plan benefits.

SF0059 SEA0007 Game and fish fund-investments.

SF0058 SEA0008 Wyoming council for women's issues-workforce services.

SF0057 SEA0009 Chancery court vacancy amendments.

SF0046 SEA0010 Solid waste cease and transfer program funding.

SF0006 SEA0013 Aquatic invasive species-inspection enforcement.

SF0007 SEA0014 Wyoming gaming commission-scrivener error correction. Letter

SF0034 SEA0015 Inheritance tax fees-repeal.

SF0068 SEA0016 Decentralized autonomous organizations-amendments.

SF0075 SEA0017 Deferred annuities-minimum nonforfeiture.

SF0067 SEA0019 State funded capital construction.

SF0009 SEA0021 Revenue bonds for agricultural endeavors.

SF0018 SEA0022 County road maintenance fund amendments.

SF0049 SEA0023 Repeal of specified state boards and commissions.

SF0048 SEA0024 2022 large project funding.

SF0026 SEA0025 District judge positions-authorization and funding.

SF0019 SEA0026 County optional property tax refund program.

SF0010 SEA0027 Predator control.

SF0032 SEA0028 K-3 reading assessment and intervention program.

SF0027 SEA0029 Dissolution of county boards-authority.

SF0038 SEA0030 Monthly ad valorem tax revisions.

SF0077 SEA0031 Name change-duration of residency requirement.

SF0073 SEA0032 Codifying the institutional land fund.

SF0053 SEA0033 Local government liability pool amendments.

SF0043 SEA0034 Community college district elections.

SF0003 SEA0035 Radioactive materials transport fee.

SF0011 SEA0036 Display of state flag.

SF0101 SEA0037 Epinephrine and naloxone administration authority.

SF0008 SEA0039 Weed and pest-reorganization.

SF0080 SEA0040 Omnibus water bill-construction.

SF0035 SEA0041 Electric vehicle charging stations-regulation exemption.

SF0085 SEA0042 Child care facility certification exemption.

SF0092 SEA0043 Driver's license renewal or extension-exception.

SF0100 SEA0044 Stalking amendments.

SF0040 SEA0045 Criminal record dissemination-military department.

SF0102 SEA0046 Second Amendment Protection Act.

SF0078 SEA0047 Language proficiency-seal of biliteracy.

SF0082 SEA0048 Supplemental water development funding.

SF0061 SEA0049 Sage grouse game bird farms-no certification expiration-2.

SF0086 SEA0051 Wildfires one-call amendment.

SF0047 SEA0053 Carbon storage and sequestration-liability.

HB0009 HEA0001 Economic development programs-tribal inclusion.

HB0021 HEA0002 Repealing exemption for one-way pagers.

HB0030 HEA0003 School finance-increasing cash reserves.

HB0037 HEA0004 Juvenile justice data reporting.

HB0046 HEA0005 Partnership challenge loan program-amendments.

HB0059 HEA0006 Worker's compensation-COVID-19.

HB0070 HEA0007 Digital identity protection.

HB0086 HEA0008 Genetic data privacy-amendments.

HB0045 HEA0009 Mine reclamation bonding-voluntary assigned trusts.

HB0043 HEA0010 Trophy game, big game and wild bison license allocations.

HB0039 HEA0011 Pre-application determinations for licensing.

HB0007 HEA0012 Commercial vehicle driving disqualification.

HB0065 HEA0013 County tax protest-filing date.

HB0079 HEA0014 Employment support fund-amendments.

HB0087 HEA0015 Insurance investment amendments.

HB0088 HEA0016 Name change notice publication of minors amendment.

HB0108 HEA0017 Funeral service practitioner amendments.

HB0110 HEA0018 Board of psychology-behavior analyst regulation.

HB0125 HEA0019 Workplace injury assistance-information and guidance.

HB0017 HEA0020 Veterans facilities-surrounded by grazing.

HB0004 HEA0021 Water permits-livestock on federal land.

HB0080 HEA0022 Campaign reports-amendments.

HB0052 HEA0023 Timeline to prepare and process absentee ballots.

HB0047 HEA0024 Local impact assistance payments.

HB0033 HEA0025 Community health services-continued redesign efforts.

HB0015 HEA0026 Political subdivision club liquor licenses.

HB0016 HEA0027 Military assistance trust fund-authorized uses.

HB0018 HEA0028 Off-road recreational vehicle registration amendments.

HB0060 HEA0029 Fiscal training and enforcement of financial reporting laws.

HB0062 HEA0030 Insurance amendments.

HB0076 HEA0031 Single office real estate brokers-licensing requirements.

HB0081 HEA0032 Operation of motorcycles-disabled persons.

HB0082 HEA0033 Military discharge and benefits.

HB0117 HEA0034 Occupational therapy licensure compact.

HB0049 HEA0035 Election reporting requirements.

HB0123 HEA0036 Mine reclamation-disposal of materials.

HB0056 HEA0037 Examination of books of certain districts and entities.

HB0055 HEA0038 Liquor licenses-airport exemption.

HB0136 HEA0039 Underground water contested case hearings.

HB0089 HEA0040 Monthly ad valorem tax revisions-enforcement.

HB0072 HEA0041 Hunting license application funds.

HB0071 HEA0043 Driving while license suspended-enhancement amendment.

HB0002 HEA0044 Disposition of water rights.

HB0005 HEA0045 Wild horse and burro management.

HB0010 HEA0046 Tribal reference amendments.

HB0031 HEA0048 Wyoming's tomorrow scholarship program.

HB0003 HEA0049 State land leases.

HB0044 HEA0050 Mobile home and vehicle titles and transfers.

HB0073 HEA0051 Omnibus water bill-planning.

HB0107 HEA0053 Water state revolving funds amendments.

HB0053 HEA0054 Military department-discrimination or harassment grievances.

HB0064 HEA0055 Vehicle service contracts.

HB0092 HEA0057 Abortion prohibition-supreme court decision.

HB0146 HEA0058 General government reports.

HB0131 HEA0059 Nuclear power generation and storage-amendments.

HB0105 HEA0060 Severance tax reduction-coal.

HB0042 HEA0061 Local government distributions.

HJ0001 HEJR0001 Supreme court justices and district judges-retirement.

The Governor exercised his line item veto authority on the following bills. Click on the bill for the Governor's letter.

SF0098 SEA0018 Federal emergency COVID-19 relief funding-limitations. Letter

SF0001 SEA0012 General government appropriations. Letter

SF0066 SEA0020 American rescue plan act recovery funds appropriations. Letter

The Governor allowed the following enrolled acts to go into law without his signature:

HB0096 HEA0052 State officials salary. Letter

HB0100 HEA0062 Redistricting of the legislature. Letter

The Governor vetoed the following enrolled acts:

SF0106 SEA0050 Wyoming stable token act. Letter

SF0055 SEA0052 Insurance sandbox. Letter

HB0137 HEA0042 State land exchanges-public notice. Letter