Preschool Development Grant

Wyoming was awarded a Preschool Development Grant and subsequent Renewal Grant to develop programs and initiatives that will support families with young children and early childhood professionals. Wyoming is receiving $3,301,647 per year for 2021-2023.

In a press release pertaining to the one-year initial grant, Governor Gordon stated “Having a strong start to a child’s educational journey helps propel them to a strong finish in their later education and workforce endeavors. I’m proud to support this opportunity to develop a strategic plan and vision for the state’s early childhood system that will help Wyoming’s communities and economy grow and thrive.” Read the Governor's press release about the initial grant here.

The Preschool Development Renewal Grant leverages strengths and addresses gaps from the Needs Assessment and accelerates implementation of the Early Childhood Statewide Strategic Plan 2021-2023 to advance outcomes for all children and families in the state – especially children and families who are vulnerable. In alignment and coordination with existing early childhood programs and services, the state will:

  • Maximize family knowledge and choice by upholding that families must be supported as their child’s first teacher, have what they need to make informed decisions, and be able to access services where they live and work.

  • Ensure families and those working with young children have connections and access to services and supports that help them be resilient.

  • Improve transition experiences for children and their families beginning at birth and extending through entry into elementary school.

  • Articulate and implement Wyoming’s coherent pathway to quality early care and education settings.

  • Better prepare, support, and recognize early childhood caregivers and educators.

  • Empower communities to create the necessary conditions for families and children to thrive.

  • Enable the state to monitor, evaluate and sustain critical and impactful activities.

Wyoming has mobilized leadership from the Governor’s Office, the Early Childhood State Advisory Council, state agencies, the University of WY, the nonprofit sector – (Align and WY Kids First), and philanthropy (the WY Community Foundation and the John P. Ellbogen Foundation) to collaboratively lead PDG renewal grant efforts while engaging stakeholders, partners, and families at all levels of the birth to five early childhood system.

To learn more, explore the Wyoming Preschool Development webpage and sign up for the quarterly newsletter to stay connected with ongoing updates on grant activities.